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Learning the Basics About Rubber Bands on Braces

November 4, 2022

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Close-up of rubber bands on braces

After you have had traditional braces for 4-6 months, your orthodontist might tell you it is time to start using rubber bands which are also known as elastics. It is understandable if you feel a little frustrated because now you have yet another component of treatment to think about, but you can be certain that your orthodontist in Palm Harbor would not advise you to use them unless absolutely necessary. This post discusses the critical role of rubber bands on braces, and it provides some guidance on what you can expect while wearing them.


Help! I Lost My Invisalign Aligners!

October 14, 2022

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woman smiling with her aligner

Modern-day inventions have made things so much more convenient and appealing. Have you tried removable wallpaper? Or maybe you’ve tried a cool temporary tattoo. Just like these modern luxuries, Invisalign has provided a removable and aesthetically pleasing way to straighten your teeth. But with the easy removal of these clear trays, versus the stuck-in-place metal braces, comes the risk of losing them. You wanted them to be invisible in your mouth, not everywhere else! Your dentist is here to guide you on what to do so you can continue toward your picture-perfect smile!


Tips to Care for Your Retainer

October 4, 2022

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At your last Invisalign appointment, you can’t help but look forward to life without dental devices. However, your orthodontic care doesn’t end when the clear aligners are removed. To preserve your hard-earned results, you must wear a retainer for the rest of your life. If you neglect to do so, your teeth could move back into their original pre-orthodontic positions. Aside from consistently wearing your retainer, you must also take proper care of it. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Can You Get Braces on Just One Row of Teeth?

September 14, 2022

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Close-up render of lower teeth with braces

Most of the time, traditional braces are worn on both arches of teeth to correct any alignment issues. However, if one row of teeth is relatively straight, you may wonder if you can have the treatment done with just a single arch to save time and money. Could one-row braces be the right choice for your smile? Here’s what your orthodontist has to say.


How to Floss with Invisalign

August 24, 2022

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young woman flossing teeth

It’s no wonder that Invisalign has become so popular in recent years. After all, it can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted without the hassle of having metal wires and brackets in your mouth. Plus, there are no dietary restrictions during the process of straightening your teeth. All you have to do is remove the clear aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water. That does mean food particles can get trapped between teeth, so good oral hygiene like flossing is mandatory. Read on to learn more about flossing with Invisalign from your orthodontist in Palm Harbor so you maximize your treatment benefits!


What Are the Reasons to Wear My Retainer After Completing Orthodontic Treatment?

August 4, 2022

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When you finish your orthodontic treatment, you are going to be happy to show off your new smile and get back to your usual routine. However, your orthodontist may have mentioned the need for you to wear a retainer to maintain your grin upgrade. There are several reasons why they believe this matters so much for your treatment. Keep reading to learn why your orthodontist in Palm Harbor recommends a retainer.


Tips for Preventing Orthodontic Emergencies

July 4, 2022

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teen with braces smiling

An emergency is never convenient, and it’s usually unexpected too. On that note, one of the biggest inconveniences you can experience if you have braces is an orthodontic emergency. Whether it’s a broken wire or bracket, a lost retainer, painful mouth sores, or some other type of oral injury, these situations can be alarming; after all, the state of your smile is on the line! Fortunately, orthodontic emergencies can easily be avoided with a bit of knowledge and foresight. Check out some helpful tips from your orthodontist in Palm Harbor to prevent orthodontic emergencies and keep your treatment progress on schedule.


4 Tips for Surviving Your First Week with Braces

June 8, 2022

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closeup of person with braces

When your teeth are crooked, gapped, or you have bite issues, this can make it difficult to feel comfortable and confident with your smile. Fortunately, there are several orthodontic options that can help. If you choose traditional metal braces, it may take some time to get used to wearing them. Read on to learn four tips that will help you make it through your first week with braces.


What to Expect with Braces Removal?

April 24, 2022

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You’ve been looking forward to getting your braces removed for several months – maybe even a few years. Now, that wonderful day is finally approaching. There is no need to be nervous about your appointment since braces removal is usually a quick and comfortable process. In this blog post, your orthodontist in Palm Harbor discusses what you can expect while your brackets are being removed and how you can start caring for your newly straightened smile.


Can I Get Invisalign After Traditional Braces?

April 4, 2022

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young woman holding clear aligner

If you’ve completed treatment with traditional braces, you probably recall how your orthodontist emphasized the importance of wearing your retainer to keep your straightened teeth in line. However, a study revealed that one in five patients stops wearing it within 19-24 months of completing orthodontic treatment. Were you one of those patients that gave up on your retainer? If so, your teeth may have shifted back to their pre-braces position. Having experienced traditional braces, you may be considering Invisalign but is that possible? Read on to learn more from your orthodontist in Palm Harbor about wearing Invisalign after braces.

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