I’m Older Than 40: Is It Too Late For Braces?

September 19, 2023

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Middle aged man in dental chair with braces with dentist's blue gloved finger pulling his lip back

Did you know that it’s normal for our teeth to shift over time? Whether from changes to your face, teeth grinding, tooth loss, or other causes, it’s not unusual for an adult to want to straighten their smile. In fact, they make up 1 in 4 orthodontic patients today. Whatever the reason, you might worry it’s too late for you to revamp your pearly whites. Thankfully, your orthodontist can help! Braces are an excellent solution for patients of all ages. Continue reading to learn 3 reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to get braces even if you’re over 40!

Reason #1: You Can Improve Oral Health

Having crooked teeth can make it harder to keep them clean. After all, you might not be able to brush or floss them thoroughly if you can’t even reach all surfaces! If there are sides of your teeth that aren’t regularly being cleared of bacteria and buildup, then you’re much more likely to develop tooth decay or gum disease- or both!

Proper oral healthcare is especially important for older adults because our teeth weaken over time with natural wear and tear.  That means they’re more susceptible to damage, and you don’t want to have to repair or replace them if it’s not necessary.

Once braces pull everything into place, it’s much easier to keep up with your usual dental hygiene routine.

Reason #2: You Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

Aging comes with a slew of changes to our appearance that can impact how we feel about ourselves. Our bodies simply aren’t as young as they once were, and this can really put a dent in your self-confidence! Fortunately, some changes can be rectified. If your teeth have shifted out of place, realigning them can give you a grin you’re proud to show off.

Reason #3: New Methods

Advancements in materials and technology have led to new orthodontic treatments that may not have been an option in your youth. For example, Invisalign can adjust your teeth without traditional brackets. They’re made of clear plastic so that you don’t have to worry that metal dental gear is the first thing people notice about you. The transparent aligner trays fit snuggly over your teeth to gently move them to their ideal positions.

There are other options, too. Your orthodontist will be able to provide treatment options after a thorough examination of the current condition of your pearly whites. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits of a straighter smile!

About the Author

Dr. Alex J. Johnson earned his dental doctorate at Washington University, where he also completed his master’s and Orthodontic Certificate. He has 3 decades of experience working closely with patients of all ages, so if you’re an adult looking for orthodontic solutions, you’ve come to the right place! He can help improve your appearance as well as your overall health. You’re welcome to request an appointment on the website or by calling (727) 786-7550.