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4 Perks of Starting Invisalign in the Summer

May 31, 2024

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Woman smiling while walking on beach

The warmer months aren’t just great for soaking up some sun on the beach, relaxing by the pool, and traveling – summer is a great time to start Invisalign too. So, if you’ve been thinking about straightening your teeth with clear aligners, there’s no time like the present to start! If you’re not quite convinced yet, then keep reading to learn a few of the many perks of pursuing this discreet orthodontic treatment this season.


Is It Okay to Play Sports with Braces?

May 14, 2024

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Playing sports offers fantastic opportunities for fitness and camaraderie. Whether you are playing casually with friends or competing on a school team or professionally, sports are a key part of many people’s lives. Luckily, having braces shouldn’t hinder your athletic pursuits! If you’re considering orthodontic treatment but want more information before making an appointment, read on for answers to common questions from your orthodontist about playing sports while wearing braces.


Sleep Apnea Increases Your Risk of Auto Accidents

March 15, 2024

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Tired man leaning on steering wheel Loud, chronic snoring can be a telltale sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Snoring isn’t the only concern of the sleep disorder. It causes frequent breathing disruptions while sleeping, depriving your body of oxygen. You can be at risk of potentially deadly health conditions with no treatment, but the complications don’t end there. OSA also affects your sleep quality, which can lead to sleep deprivation. If you get behind the wheel when you’re sleep deprived, you can place yourself and others at risk. Sleep apnea is linked to auto accidents caused by drowsy driving. Here’s why you might want to think twice before driving if your sleep apnea is untreated.


Covert Cures: How to Use Invisalign Cleaning Crystals

February 5, 2024

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Pack of Invisalign Cleaning Crystals with an aligner tray

Invisalign is a popular alternative to traditional braces because it can straighten your smile without the need for bulky brackets. Instead, it relies on clear plastic aligner trays that fit over your teeth to gently reposition them. One of the biggest benefits of this transparent solution is that patients don’t experience the same level of self-consciousness as with standard orthodontics because their appearance isn’t as impacted. If your Invisalign becomes stained or discolored, however, it defeats the purpose of this ‘invisible’ option.

Fortunately, Invisalign Cleaning Crystals can help resolve the problem. Keep reading to learn how to use them properly to keep your aligners sparkling fresh!


Stay Prepared: 5 Tips to Prevent Orthodontic Emergencies

January 12, 2024

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Patient holding her cheek due to orthodontic emergencies

Orthodontic treatment is a complex system of many moving parts and strategies. Because of this, orthodontic emergencies are bound to happen sooner or later. Being unprepared could lead to disrupted progress and frustration. This is not to mention the potential discomfort from broken brackets or loose wires.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of orthodontic emergencies. Read on to learn how!


7 Causes of Teeth Shifting and How to Prevent Them

November 24, 2023

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person experiencing teeth shifting covering their mouth

Achieving a beautiful smile involves several factors, including white and uniform teeth with minimal gaps. Among these, the alignment of your teeth plays a crucial role. However, maintaining straight teeth can become a challenge when they start shifting. If you’ve ever wondered what leads to this shift, read on to explore seven common causes and discover how your dentist can effectively address and correct these issues, ensuring your smile remains radiant and aligned.


Details You Should Know Before Getting Invisalign

October 5, 2023

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person inserting upper clear aligner

Embracing the journey towards a straighter smile no longer requires the conspicuous presence of metal braces. Invisalign, a popular choice among both teens and adults, offers a discreet alternative with its virtually invisible clear aligners. However, before delving into the transformative world of Invisalign, it’s crucial to be aware of six key considerations that can influence your orthodontic experience.


I’m Older Than 40: Is It Too Late For Braces?

September 19, 2023

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Middle aged man in dental chair with braces with dentist's blue gloved finger pulling his lip back

Did you know that it’s normal for our teeth to shift over time? Whether from changes to your face, teeth grinding, tooth loss, or other causes, it’s not unusual for an adult to want to straighten their smile. In fact, they make up 1 in 4 orthodontic patients today. Whatever the reason, you might worry it’s too late for you to revamp your pearly whites. Thankfully, your orthodontist can help! Braces are an excellent solution for patients of all ages. Continue reading to learn 3 reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to get braces even if you’re over 40!


Help! Why Is My Invisalign Yellow and What Can I Do?

September 12, 2023

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Set of clear aligner trays on a gray background with a wooden toothbrush with blue bristles blurry in the background

Invisalign has quickly become a popular alternative to traditional braces because the clear aligner trays are a much more discreet option than bulky metal brackets. There’s no need to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about your dental gear when you can barely see it! That said, some patients have run into challenges with their aligner trays becoming somewhat tinted, which defeats the purpose of “invisible” orthodontics. If you’ve noticed your Invisalign is turning yellow, read on to learn 2 reasons this happens and what you can do to prevent it.


How Braces Help Your Oral Health

August 22, 2023

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A dentist with blue gloves holding a mirror in the mouth of a woman with brown hair and eyes with braces

Jaw pain can put a real damper on your daily life. It’s no fun to feel throbbing anytime you chew- or even open your mouth to talk. This is unfortunately the reality for patients who frequently grind their teeth or have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. Thankfully, your orthodontist can help! You may not have been aware, but straighter teeth aren’t the only benefit of braces. Continue reading to learn more about 4 ways braces contribute to your oral health!

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