Orthodontic Appliances – Palm Harbor, FL

Addressing Your Smile’s Unique Needs

Braces and Invisalign are probably among the most well-known forms of orthodontic treatment, but there are actually many different appliances that might be used depending on each patient’s unique situation. Whether it’s to help expand the roof of the mouth, maintain space for future teeth, or even just to make sure the results of orthodontic treatment last, you can count on Dr. Johnson to provide what your smile needs. Call us today to learn more about your options for orthodontic appliances in Palm Harbor, FL.

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Why Choose Dr. Alex Johnson Orthodontics
for Orthodontic Appliances?

  • Wide Variety of Customizable Appliances
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Hand holding a retainer

One oral appliance that is likely to be part of regular orthodontic treatment is a retainer. It is typically worn after braces are removed or once you’ve stopped using Invisalign aligners. Simply put, this appliance will prevent the teeth from shifting back to their original positions so that you can keep your hard-earned smile. Some retainers are permanently anchored in the mouth while others can be removed for meals and cleanings; both have their advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll be sure to go over them with you.