What Rubber Band Colors Will Make My Teeth Look Whiter?

January 3, 2023

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a closeup of braces with colored rubber bands

As effective as they are when it comes to straightening smiles, traditional braces aren’t exactly subtle, and you might not be too thrilled about having to wear the metal brackets and wires for an extended period of time. However, did you know the color of the rubber bands that you wear on your brackets can actually influence the appearance of your teeth? In fact, certain colors can even accentuate the color of your teeth and give your smile a nice glow throughout your braces journey! Here’s more about which colors you should consider and which you should steer clear of when it comes to rubber bands.

Which Colors Will Make My Teeth Appear Whiter?

You’ll have to visit your provider frequently while you’re wearing braces in order for them to be inspected and adjusted as needed; this also means that the color of your braces can essentially be changed at each regular visit if you desire, meaning you don’t have to fully commit to just one color.

However, if you’re hoping to make your teeth appear as white as possible underneath your braces, you might consider darker colors for your rubber bands. Darker shades of blue like royal and navy, purples like violet and indigo, and even black can make the shade of your teeth seem whiter due to the amount of contrast. Even so, beware of colors like dark green or brown that might resemble food stuck in your brackets! It’s also worth mentioning that if your teeth have a yellow tint to them, you’re safe choosing clear or silver bands.

Which Colors Should I Avoid?

Unfortunately, not every color will make your smile appear whiter; believe it or not, some can actually make your teeth seem dirty or stained! White braces, for example, can actually make your teeth look darker in color, since the bands themselves can become discolored over time. Similarly, yellow, orange, or gold rubber bands might also make your teeth appear tarnished.

If you’re hoping to make your teeth appear whiter while you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, knowing what colors will accentuate the whiteness of your teeth can go a long way. That said, since braces are quite customizable, don’t hesitate to take a few of your favorite colors for a spin—you might be surprised by how much they can accentuate your smile!

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