Oral Muscle Therapy (OMT)


While the focus of orthodontics has traditionally been on fixing crooked teeth, our practice also focuses on orthodontic issues and sleep apnea caused by obstructed breathing.  Our goal is to treat the obstructed breathing so that you experience better health, breathe better, feel better, and sleep better. One way we accomplish this is with oral muscle therapy (OMT).

OMT involves exercises for the facial muscles, oropharynx muscles and tongue. These are the muscles used to chew, swallow and breathe. Oropharynx muscles play an important role because they help keep the airway open. The OMT exercises are designed help strengthen the tongue and oropharynx muscles. If the oropharynx muscles are weak, they can obstruct air flow. The same with the tongue - if it is weak, it can fall back into the throat and cause an obstruction.

With OMT, patients have experienced an improvement in breathing problems during sleep as well as a decrease in snoring and daytime drowsiness.

If you are interested in OMT, talk to Dr. Johnson to see if you would benefit from this therapy. He can give you the exercise regimen for you to complete at home and go over the exercises with you.

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