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A healthy airway is the foundation for optimal health at any age and is the foundation for healthy and balanced orthodontic treatment goals. Our approach is informed, holistic, and integrative, realizing that a developing child is attached to the teeth, each with a unique set of orthodontic and emotional needs.

The airway, head and facial structures, and how we breathe are interrelated during growth and development. As the body grows and develops, an equilibrium is established between how the body functions and the final shape the body takes during growth. Whenever there is a deviation from normal functioning, the body form and shape will be affected as a new equilibrium is established.

Because the bones of the face are interconnected, when a boney structure is out of balance or not growing correctly, a domino effect on the other bones and structures of the face may be seen. Common issues like mouth-breathing may not only lead to narrow and collapsed palates and crowded teeth, but also directly affect the space, size, and shape of the developing nasal cavity. Constricted and narrow nasal cavities make breathing through the nose more difficult. This compromised airway can lead to increased mouth breathing with secondary growth effects being seen on the jaw, facial, and dentoalveolar structures. In a properly "tongue-supported upper jaw," the upper teeth are always on the outside or overlapping the lower teeth. Therefore, if a narrow upper jaw develops, it traps the lower jaw from growing properly. If the lower jaw is blocked from achieving its natural forward growth, a constricted wind pipe and airway can result.

A healthy airway is the foundation for ideal orthodontic treatment results. Addressing all of the causes, not just addressing the teeth, is important to your child's smile and developing airway.

The final orthodontic treatment goals include:

  • Well-balanced esthetic facial features
  • Healthy jaw joints
  • Beautiful smiles
  • Healthier and better developed airways

Article-Thumbnail-2pgs-20200226Managing Airway Development Article A healthy airway is the foundation for normal facial and dental development. Addressing the underlying causes, not just addressing the teeth, is important to a child's smile and for the development of a normal airway and facial structures.  Because of this connection, preventive treatment  as early as possible is the key.
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