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Sleep Apnea & Treatment Options
At AJ Orthodontics, we’re proud to provide a variety of superior orthodontic services for patients of all ages. From braces & Invisalign to tooth bonding and airway orthodontics, Dr. Alex J. Johnson and his dedicated staff are committed to excellence for each patient we see. Our approach to care is designed to improve not just the smile—but the quality of life for our patients. It’s for this reason that we are proud to offer sleep apnea treatment in Palm Harbor and beyond. Continue reading to learn more about sleep apnea.
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Benefits of Early Treatment
At AJ Orthodontics, our mission is to help patients throughout Palm Harbor and the surrounding areas achieve beautiful, healthy smiles through orthodontic treatment. We treat patients of all ages in our office, but sometimes the best time to start the treatment process is early on in childhood, before the usual treatment window of adolescence. Early orthodontic treatment isn't right for everyone, but it can come with a number of benefits for some patients.
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5 Important Things To Know Before Getting Braces
At AJ Orthodontics in Palm Harbor, FL, we believe that everyone should have a straight smile that they are confident and comfortable with. For this reason, Dr. Johnson and his orthodontic team offer different types of braces and Invisalign to patients of all ages. We strive to provide high quality orthodontic care to each individual patient. However, before you commit to orthodontic treatment, we want to prepare you for the experience and let you know five important things before getting braces.
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